Heaven Scent Cupcakes

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Heaven Scent Cupcakes Customer Testimonials

" The best cupcakes we have ever had. My in laws were here last year and that's all they talked about the cupcakes/ they were here again they were hear again on vacation around the 4th of July and we stopped several time and you were on vacation and they were looking forward to your cupcakes, they wanted to take some back to Iowa. They told everyone at home they were the best and that she would bring some back with them."

- Laurie Kloos


"We LOOOOVE some Heaven Scent Cupcakes & the service is the friendliest, great people!! :)"

- Amanda Dodson Chitwood


"I Your cupcakes were a hit with my daughter. She loved the penguins on top!! Thank you so much!!! "

- Gwen Kirwin Robertson