cupcakes & descriptions cupcakes & descriptions boston creme yellow cake filled with bavarian creme, topped with fudge and graham cracker crumbs 205105456 carrot classic carrot cake topped with cream cheese 205105455 chocolate birthday chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles 205105459 chocolate chip cookie dough cookie dough baked in a white cake, topped with vanilla buttercream, sprinkles and cookie 205105460 coconut creme coconut cake filled with coconut creme, topped with coconut cream cheese and toasted coconut 205105457 fudge sundae chocolate cake filled with fudge, topped with a vanilla mousse whip, caramel and peanuts 205105458 lemon mousse lemon cake filled with lemon mousse, topped with lemon cream cheese and a slice of lemon 205105461 lime fiesta margarita cake topped with a lime cream cheese 205105464 m&m yellow cake filled with m&ms, topped with chocolate buttercream and m&Ms 205105365 mint chocolate chip chocolate cake filled with mint mousse, topped with mint buttercream and chocolate chips 205105465 nutter butter chocolate cake filled with nutter butter "mush", topped with chocolate buttercream, caramel drizzle and nutter butter ball 205105468 oreo ball white cake filled with an oreo "mush", topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate drizzle and an oreo ball 205105463 peanut butter cup peanut butter cake filled with fudge, topped with peanut butter frosting, chocolate drizzle and a peanut butter cup 205105462 pineapple mandarin mandarin orange cake topped with a pineapple whip 205105466 pink lemonade lemon cake filled with pink lemonade mousse, topped with pink lemonade buttercream 205105467 raspberry cream white cake filled with a raspberry jam, topped with raspberry buttercream 205105474 red velvet classic red velvet topped with cream cheese 205105471 snickerdoodle white cake with a cinnamon sugar swirl, topped with cinnamon buttercream 205105363 strawberry shortcake white cake with strawberries and juice, topped wit a whipped topping 205105473 strawberry white chocolate strawberry cake topped with cream cheese and a white chocolate drizzle 205105472 triple chocolate paradise chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate cream cheese and a white chocolate drizzle 205105469 turtle chocolate cake topped with salted caramel and peacans 205105470 vanilla birthday yellow cake topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles 205105475 205105476